Thumbs Up Please

Stand by your camera…and don’t get it wet. Hopefully I can soon evolve to one of those exotic, and deadly expensive video cameras with all those doo-dads.
I must admit however, that I’ve got good footage with the yep, you guessed it, good old mobile phone.

Fishing. Waiting for spawners to wriggle up the shallows.
A woman whom I met in the woods asked if that “Thing” was a camera.
“No” I said, “It’s a toilet brush.”
“Looks like it” she replied.

This may well be the shortest blog I ever post. BUT! I’ve gone and finally done it.

My first video, rough and flawed as it may be, is complete and posted on YouTube.

If the link doesn’t work you can find it by typing in: Friends Below . It has taken nearly a year of cyber Neanderthal fumbling, starting over and over, learning, learning, learning, cursing, cursing, cursing and trying again as I self-teach myself this long-time goal of mine. And here it is. There will be many more to follow, steadily improving, I hope, as I learn and grow in this incredibly complex yer wonderful art form. Please, if you see any hope for my future efforts, click on the thumbs-up button. Thanks.

Now, however, I think I’ll have a nap.

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.”

…James Russell Lowell

10 responses to “Thumbs Up Please

  1. Watched & loved the video – well done, Fred! Amazingly steady visuals, and the narrative is really good too – you definitely captured the way we’ve felt when Dall porpoise have been bow-riding our boat, and again when a big male orca chose to approach our boat this summer, dive below it, and surface right beside us to treat us to a tail slap and full breach. We felt extremely privileged, as you express so well in your video. I look forward to more!


  2. Loved it. Great footage and can see how much work that would have been.


  3. Thanks so much Laurie


  4. Thank you Fred.

           I watched your video yesterday, apparently I was the second person to watch it and the first to give it thumbs up and a comment! Good luck with future endeavors.



  5. Thanks so much Mike!


  6. Very nice – you did a good job Fred.


  7. P.S. – I can’t give it a thumbs up because I don’t have a Google account.


  8. Thanks so much Linda


  9. Heck, your way ahead of me. I can’t find the thumbs up button, but it all looks great to me! Keep working at it – i love your blog and life outlook


    • Hi there Tobin;
      Thanks for your very kind words. The thumbs up button is under the screen, usually on the left side. If I get enough thumbs, eventually I may be able to earn a little. Thanks, Fred


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