4 responses to “CONTACT ME

  1. Thank you for wonderful visit. Lovely to see through your lens.


  2. Hi Fred,
    love reading your blog, every time I wish to own or live aboard a boat, I am reminded of all the work and needed know-how it takes to do so, and then I just feel that sharing your moments are good enough. Great photography, and subtle seaside humour. Keep up the great work muchly appreciated! 😉
    “When you are down by the sea and an eel bites you on the knee, It’s a Moray!” and I’ll leave you with that song repeating through your mind for the morning …anyway!
    all the very best
    born 780 kl south of Ladysmith South Africa.


    • Hi Brad, Great to hear from you. Ladysmith was first named oyster Bay, but after a bunch of local lads died at the battle of Ladysmith, the town was renamed. One of my pals here is named Dalbock. He’s from East London and was a mad, mad, sailor and surfer in his day.


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